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Monogram Series FR-S is official!


January 09, 2014 TORRANCE, Calif., (Jan. 9, 2014) – Exceptional features will now come at even more exceptional prices. The 2014 Scion FR-S and tC gain premium features with the competitively priced, limited edition Monogram Series™ models on display for the first time at the North American International Auto


Yellow BRZ

We all had our calendars marked to this date that subaru would bring this car out to Wicked big meet 2016 Cherry Hill, N.J. –  Subaru of America, Inc. today announced the 2017 BRZ Series.Yellow, the most exciting BRZ to date with its striking color and

What is in the Box – With The Edelbrock FRS/BRZ Supercharger

Just opened up the Edelbrock E Force Supercharger kit for our car –   More info and testing soon –  

4 Meaningful Differences Between The Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS

  The manual FRS weighs 6 lbs less than the base manual BRZ. The auto FRS weighs 18 lbs less than the base auto BRZ. The FRS has a drag coefficient of 0.27, vs 0.28 (with spoiler) or 0.29 (without spoiler) on the BRZ. I

F1 Style rear light bar for FRS/BRZ video overview and wiring install

F1 Style rear light bar install PDF You can also Download our pdf in this link above ^^   We offer a few different types of rear bar for FRS/BRZ. Installation might seem the same but in this video we will show you what goes

Grams Drive By Wire Throttle Body for FRS & BRZ



What if I told you that this part is easy to install & will give your car results?  Compared to a $600 header, This Throttle Body is estimated to give you more gains at almost half the cost.


Some things to take note of:

  •  48% increase in airflow over the stock 65 mm Throttle Body
  • Precision Honed Oversized 72 mm Bore
  • CNC machined billet 6061-T6 aluminum housing
  • Aluminum Throttle Plate
  • Factory Programmable Non-Contact Hall Effect TPS
  • Optimized TPS Response Curve
  • High-Precision Servo Motor
  • Includes Thermal Throttle Body Gasket, Wiring Harness Adapter
  • Tapered  Aluminum Adapter and Coolant Bypass Adapter

screenshot_175Yes, you read that right. 48% increase in airflow. screenshot_176Thats a huge jump! Your feeding your 86 a buffet table of air instead of the stock Mckey D’s meal menu and believe me, our cars are always hungry for more! What does that do for you car? About and estimated 10-15 more HP!

I (supercharged), along with 2 others, will have the privilege of putting these on our cars for our Dyno Clinic next Friday after SEMA. Who are the other two guys? You guessed it! A turbo and an N/A 86. We’ll find out then, what kind of gains this puppy will really bring.


I will also be doing another write up comparing and posting results of each car. This will be a good time to think, compare, and figure out whether or not you want this. Be it your supercharged, turbo’d, or N/A. But trust me…YOU WANT IT!

Stay tuned!

Dyno Clinic Day – FRS/BRZ – Turbo & Supercharged & Flex Fuel Tuning


screenshot_152SEMA is around the corner and we’re excited to share new info, new products, new cars, and media with you all. Another thing we are excited for, however, is our Dyno Clinic!
Whats a Dyno Clinic? Think of one of those Gatorade commercials where screenshot_155they take an athlete (our 86) put him on a treadmill, attache a bunch of wires to him and monitor his vitals. Only here we will have a variety of different boosted twins. Ranging from superchargers, turbos, the naturally aspirated (N/A), and even manual and automatic transmissions. screenshot_154


Where is it being held? Las Vegas, Nevada! Where dreams come true and shatter in a matter of seconds. Also home to a number of various boosted twins. Most of which we’ve installed and tuned.


When is it being held? Friday, November 4th at 4:00pm. Catch us live on Facebook and follow us on Instagram as we power through the numbers of each individuals cars.

asfFacebook Live


This will be a good opportunity to find out how your boosted kit compares to others and what boost kit you should go with (if you don’t already have one)…or you can marvel at the music that the turbo and superchargers make *swoooooooshhhh* *pssshhhhh*


Below is our line up

Lets get these tunes dialed in on the dyno and see the HP Numbers

Greddy Turbo Kits

screenshot_162Deshawn – Greddy t620z turbo kit. Making EVO’s and other like minded tuners wonder where there money was really put into. This guy had a C30 and switched from Supercharger to boost – You might have seen the ride along video when he was Supercharged – He was fast before and he is faster now and loves the choice to go turbo.


screenshot_163Adolfo – Greddy t518z turbo.  Some times less means more! This kit is the prime example of that. It spools up faster than you can say, “want to ra…..c..e”


Kraftwerks C38 Kits

Mario & Alex

Kraftwerks C38 Supercharger.  “More power!” The two that didn’t want to settle for anything less in a supercharger kit. Destroying ponies…I mean Mustang’s, on the daily! Special Note: Automatic vs Manual Transmission – What kit puts more power down?

C30 Kits

screenshot_166screenshot_167Alvin & Leonardo – Kraftwerks C30 Supercharger Kit. One of the most reliable kits we have sold. Both 10-15k miles strong with no issues. Strong, and quick! Lets see if all that carbon fiber actually helps out Alvin haha
Special Note: Automatic vs Manual Transmission – We will see how much drivetrain loss the auto really is since these are close to the same set up.

Last but not least we have a Vortech and an Non boosted FR-S with heavy mods to come get dialed in to better the tune they already have.

Anthony – Vortech Supercharger Kit. Though the Vortech14875276_1297782670272761_565750454_n kit is one of the more popular kits, Anthony is the lone wolf i with the only Vortech kit in Las Vegas. Make them proud! – He loves this kit –
screenshot_169John -Someone give this man a beer for showing up with all the boosted Twins! The only Tuned Naturally Aspirated (N/A) participating in this show down (so far). Its like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Lets see how he compares – He does have our popular flex fuel kit and it makes most customers that are looking for just that little bit extra power with out going boost, plus its a great stepping stone before you go boost anyway.

All the Twins listed above are E Tuned with Ecutek through our tuning relationship with Moto-East. We are hosting this Event to fine tune these cars and Crank up the boost. 

We will be open to any and all questions about the tunes, kits, and supporting mods for the line ups (and many more). Please be sure to check our site at  www.86speed.com  for the lowest prices and don’t hesitate to contact us for any deals!

If you are in town for SEMA, stop by and say Hi! screenshot_170 & if you want more info on this event – Please send us an email or PM us on FaceBook


We will also post results here and on our YouTube and other Social Media


86 Speed Team

Subie Invasion 2016


Come see us!  We will have some giveaway items including banners and shirts and stickers. Subie Invasion is the place to be on Saturday After 2016 SEMA and After our Dyno Clinic Friday night

Hello everyone and welcome to the 13th annual Subie Invasion! Come join us this year on Saturday, November 5th, with hundreds of fellow enthusiasts as we race the day away with our host, Fast Lap Indoor Karting! This year we will have DJ Speed spinning the tunes, plenty of family fun contests throughout the day, and a go-kart Time Attack Tournament with custom trophy! Don’t forget our annual car show and raffle! We have an awesome list of vendors joining us this year so be sure to browse down vendor isle and grab a bite to eat from a few of our local food trucks. If you are unfamiliar with who we are, this event has been hosted by our home grown grass roots community, Flat4LV, since back in the middle of the 2000’s. We can’t begin to thank everyone enough as we’ve grown and flourished throughout the years, and we definitely can’t thank the thousands of people whom have continued to show support! Without all of you, none of this would be possible. Again, be sure to mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen as this is truly going to be a show you don’t want to miss! Bring your best, these trophies are calling your name!


Schedule of Events: 8AM: Registration opens/Fast Lap Time Attack Tournament Begins 10AM: Registration closes! 11AM: Contest: Name That Part (w/ trophy “Know It All!”) – A bunch of random parts from various subaru makes, models, and years will be displayed. Contestants will fill out a sheet with a certain amount of time to do so. No help with cell phones, etc. Contestant with the most correct answers wins! 12PM: Exhaust Competition! 1PM: Contest: Best Rumble Rendition (w/ trophy “Sound of My People!”) – Contestants will sit on an old subaru car seat, have a steering wheel and a shift knob, and they must do their best to impersonate a subaru banging through the gears and the sound of the rumble, exhaust, etc. Best rendition wins! 1:30PM: Fast Lap Time Attack Tournament Ends 2PM: Awards and Trophy Announcements 3PM: Raffle Time!


Competition Classes

Best ’93-’01 Impreza/GV

Best ’02-’03 Impreza/WRX/STI

Best ’04-’05 Impreza/WRX/STI

Best ’06-’07 Impreza/WRX/STI

Best ’08-’14 Impreza/WRX/STI

Best ’15-’16 Impreza/WRX/STI

Best Legacy

Best Forester

Best Outback


Best Other (Tribecca, Crosstrek, XT, SVX, Justy, Brat, etc.)

Best Old School

Best Rally/Race Car

Best Wheel and Tire Packages

Best Club Representation

Down and Dirty! (Dirtiest Subaru)

Time Attack Tournament 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Exhaust Competition Champion

Smarty Pants! (Name That Part Contest)

Sound of My People! (Best Rumble Rendition Contest)


For more info Visit SUBIE INVASION hosted by Flat4LV