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Monogram Series FR-S is official!


January 09, 2014 TORRANCE, Calif., (Jan. 9, 2014) – Exceptional features will now come at even more exceptional prices. The 2014 Scion FR-S and tC gain premium features with the competitively priced, limited edition Monogram Series™ models on display for the first time at the North American International Auto

F1 STYLE REAR LIGHT BAR for Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS and GT86


REAR REVERSE LAMP/SCION FR-S / SUBARU BRZ – F1 STYLE REAR LIGHT BAR These LED Reverse Light Bars are a must have for your 86 they have built in LEDs in them, and are available in 3 different color options. Check out the Video and

NEW GT86 Parts for your FRS and BRZ


Check out some of the newly added parts to fteightysix.com First is the GT86 EU Arm Rest that can be installed on our cars – This Armrest is Sleek and has a latch that locks it shut, to keep your stash secure – Second is

This just in – New Spyder Taillights for FRS and BRZ

We just got word that Spyder has released a new LED taillight design for the Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ. There are 5 variations of this taillight . One thing that is pretty cool about this is that Spyder has a lower reverse bar/ brake

Repost from Misihimoto

This was posted yesterday on the Mishimoto Blog – 2013+ SUBARU BRZ / SCION FR-S PERFORMANCE COLD-AIR INTAKE, PART 2: INITIAL PRODUCT DESIGN APRIL 9, 2014  With a general idea of our plans for this product, we set about removing all the necessary components so

Skunk2 Alpha Header Review – Real 86 Talk


Real 86 Talk Submitted by Fz6r

I’ve been looking for headers for my car for a short while now. My only issue, is that I didn’t like the sound of any headers outside of the nameless performance header. This was a big issue, as I didn’t really want to spend $1,100.

After some internet searching, I came across the Skunk2 alpha header. The price on it was on the cheaper side of things, with a name that has been doing pretty well thus far on the Frs/Brz platform. I noticed they were on preorder, and decided I would take the risk and see how these sound.

Initial impressions…. On the finish, it could have been a bit better. Looking inside the header, there was a bit of metal that could have been cleaned up in the weld spots. It wasn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not something you would look at and think as aesthetically appealing. Running my finger along the inside rim of the openings of the header, I noticed some inconsistency. Again, nothing horrible, but it definitely could have been better. Outside of those 2 things, the header looks great. (the borla header is about the same inside)

After doing a quick observation of the looks of the header, I wanted to hear the sound of it. I set up an appointment to get it installed with Thomas the night after they got the first ones in stock at fteightysix.

Skunk2 FRS Header

Skunk2 Stepped Header

Currently, my set up is now the Skunk 2 Alpha header mated with the Perrin 3 inch cat back resonated exhaust. Once the header was hooked up, we cranked the car up, and gave it a listen. Idle sounds about the same. No big difference there, but definitely a deeper grumble on cold start. Where you really feel the header, is when you start moving. This thing is LOUD….. Not really drone loud, more of a punchy, power loud. I’m still in between on how I feel about it.

Where the car shines now, is on low end power. Stepping on the gas, the car feels more linear in power down low. The dip seems to have gone away, and the car really feels alive around 3k rpm. It feels faster on the butt dyno, but you can definitely hear it as well. The motor screams now. An added bonus…. No check engine light. Not yet atleast. *knocks on wood*




Overall, I would probably rate this header 7.5/10. Finish could have been A LOT better, but in performance, it makes up its shortcomings at a very fair price. The perrin 3 inch resonated is pretty quiet on its own, but definitely is a lot louder after the header was added. It might be a bit annoying to those who already have louder set ups. If you’re looking for a cost friendly header that adds more power to the butt dyno, I would give it a shot as long as you’re ok with a louder, more punchy sound.

Submitted by Fz6r

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Skunk2 Alpha BRZ/FRS Header


Skunk2 is proud to announce its all-new Alpha Series Header for the BRZ/FRS. Patterned after our already popular and dyno-proven MegaPower Headers, which have been used by leading, competitive race teams for years, Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header employs many of the same design characteristics and technology. Our decision to produce the Alpha Series Header was driven by our desire to make our race-proven design more affordable and accessible to everyday enthusiasts. Skunk2’s Alpha Series Header for the BRZ/FRS offers Skunk2 performance, industry-leading customer service, and a full warranty policy, all at a price comparable to lesser budget-minded headers. Unlike the budget-minded headers, though, only Skunk2 Alpha Series Headers ensure precise fitment and the peace of mind of knowing that a representative is just a phone call or email away.

Skunk2 FRS/BRZ Alpha Header

All Skunk2 headers are designed and engineered to maximize exhaust flow and increase both horsepower and torque throughout the powerband. The unique design is the result of more than a decade of racing experience coupled with computerized modeling and extensive dyno testing. Each Skunk2 Alpha Series Header features equal-length, single step design and a 4-1 design that terminates into a True Merged collector with a 2.5-inch outlet. Skunk2′s Alpha Series headers are designed using mandrel bends which result in maximum air flow and power. These features, paired with Skunk2’s unique design specs, provide an extremely broad powerband that’s applicable to a wide range of engine sizes and configurations. Alpha Series Headers also feature bung provisions for OEM sensors. Each header is constructed from stainless steel with mandrel-bent tubing for added strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

Part Number: 412-12-1500


Alpha FRS/BRZ Header

Viva La Targa! Scion Chops Part of the Roof Off the FR-S Sports Car for SEMA


Scion FR-S Targa concept

For years, rumors have swirled about Scion building a convertible version of the FR-S. Alas, well into the FR-S’s life cycle, such a thing has never appeared, at least not in production form. There was a concept, the FT-86 Open, which Scion parent company Toyota showed last year at the Geneva auto show. And along comes this: a lovely targa-roofed FR-S show car.

Making its debut at the 2014 SEMA show, the “FR-S T1″ was created by Jeremy Lookofsky of Cartel Customs and wears “Azzuro California Blue” and black paint. The roof section over the front passengers is removable, and the (all metal) widened body is dropped over lacy 19-inch forged wheels. The details are just as savory: smoked lights, a perforated grille insert, two small round exterior mirrors, and, a fully integrated rear spoiler. The interior is especially nice, resplendent as it is in creamy leather with black stitching.

Under the skin there is a KW coil-over suspension, a GReddy turbocharger(!) kit for the boxer engine, a Wilwood Big Brake kit, a center-exit exhaust, and, of course, audio upgrades. But our favorite piece has got to be the amazing black louvers over the rear window—a styling device whose time came and went 30 years ago and, we think, has come again.

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Scion FR-S Targa concept
Should Scion consider a targa-bodied FR-S? We think so. Porsche just brought back a proper targa version of its vaunted 911, albeit with a heavy and complex motorized roof, and the result is stunning. Even Nissan is reportedly considering a targa-roofed Z. A Scion targa wouldn’t need to be so complicated or heavy—keep the lid manually removable and ditch the wide body and we think it’s wholly doable.

The only stick in this plan’s mud? Toyota says an FR-S roadster would be too expensive to develop and too pricey to be sold as a Scion in the U.S. Let’s hope they can find room for this ‘tweener targa solution, because it’s hot.

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