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Tested and Proven to make HP – GRAMS Throttle Body

Grams Throttle Body Review

After a long, eventful, and fun week at SEMA, the 86Speed Dyno Day had finally arrived. The top story–Grams Performance Drive-By Wire Throttle Body! A lot of you have been anxious and patiently waiting for us to answer your questions…We are pleased to announce the

Dyno Clinic Day – FRS/BRZ – Turbo & Supercharged & Flex Fuel Tuning

  SEMA is around the corner and we’re excited to share new info, new products, new cars, and media with you all. Another thing we are excited for, however, is our Dyno Clinic! Whats a Dyno Clinic? Think of one of those Gatorade commercials where

Monogram Series FR-S is official!


January 09, 2014 TORRANCE, Calif., (Jan. 9, 2014) – Exceptional features will now come at even more exceptional prices. The 2014 Scion FR-S and tC gain premium features with the competitively priced, limited edition Monogram Series™ models on display for the first time at the North American International Auto

Helix V2 Side Markers

We just got in the new Helix Version 2 Sidemarkers for the 86/FRS/BRZ Platform. These will fit all models of the car from when the car was release until current models.  These are a Smoke Side Marker with a built in LED that has a

Toyota to 86 the FR-S Name

Toyota to 86 the FR-S Name New Toyota 86 and Charismatic C-HR Concept on Display at New York Auto Show March 17, 2016 TORRANCE, Calif., March 17, 2016 – With its new home comes a new name and more. The former Scion FR-S will debut

Helix V2 Side Markers

We just got in the new Helix Version 2 Sidemarkers for the 86/FRS/BRZ Platform. These will fit all models of the car from when the car was release until current models.  These are a Smoke Side Marker with a built in LED that has a really nice effect, but we will let you decide. We installed a set of these on our Shop 2017 BRZ.

Watch the Video below for tips and trick on the install, The socket has to be pushed down in the bumper well area.

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Helix side markers 2018-06-06 15.32.35 2018-06-06 15.34.33 2018-06-06 15.34.50 2018-06-06 15.35.04 2018-06-06 15.35.45 2018-06-06 15.36.22



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86 Speed


EcuTek releases BRZ RaceRom v10 public beta – Flex Fuel, Boost control, closed loop fuel, custom sensors and more…



BRZ, GT86, FT86 & FR-S

RaceROM v10 – Early access beta

EcuTek have been busy updating RaceROM for the BRZ / FR-S / ’86 and we want you to get involved. We’re offering early access to the latest version 10 developments as part of a beta test program so we can continue to deliver the best product on the market!Delivering exciting new features such as Flex Fuel and Boost Control, version 10 will be a significant update.


Easy to Calibrate Flex Fuel

RaceROM Updates

Using our Flex Fuel experience gained during the constant improvement of our GT-R platform, we’ve added the same easy to tune strategy to BRZ. Just configure your 0-5v Ethanol content sensor using our new Custom Sensors frame work and you’re all ready to start start tuning.Flex Fuel Key Features

  • Fuel quantity correction for overall ethanol content
  • Ignition and fuelling offset maps combine with 2d blend maps
  • Ethanol content hold stops erroneous drops in ethanol content caused by fuel aeration
  • Manual Ethanol content override per Mapswitch Mode allows for premixed fuel using the same strategy
  • Comprehensive live data support allows tuners to see individual corrections

BRZ Flex Fuel has never been easier!

Boost Control

BRZ now has dedicated boost control so no more custom maps required! A comprehensive strategy allows for integration into the OEM torque control while still allowing boost to be limited using gear, RPM and Mapswitch Mode.Boost target control:

  • Torque demand based boost target to integrate with factory control
  • Per MS mode limit of boost target using gear and RPM
  • Adjust target using ECT, EOT, IAT and AM for safety
  • Further adjustment available using Custom Maps

Wastegate duty control:

  • Dedicated wastegate base maps for high and low atmospheric pressure makes tuning boost for different altitudes easier than ever
  • Throttle threshold for integral activation
  • RPM threshold for overall wastegate activation
  • Atmospheric pressure dependent boost level for integral activation
  • Gear and IAT based wastegate duty multiplier
  • Further adjustment using custom maps

Boost limit throttle cut:

  • Close the throttle automatically in case of overboost

Custom Sensor Inputs

You no longer need to define third party sensors using custom maps, as we have added purpose made sensor definitions for commonly used sensors. These custom sensors have their own dedicated live data parameters which can be logged, used in Custom Maps and used in strategies such as Flex Fuel.

Closed Loop Fuelling

While it has been possible to use custom maps to do closed loop fuel control at full load, this new dedicated strategy makes it easy to configure and tune.

  • Dedicated logging paramters
  • Use a wideband configured in custom sensors instead of OEM sensor
  • Proportional – Integral control strategy
  • Adjustable feedback using load and RPM

Custom Map Updates

We’ve updated Custom Maps to work with the new features, added more inputs and outputs, more timing options and the ability to choose how input axis’ are used. Crucially we’ve added inputs for the VVT active status and VVT intake error so tuners can set up a failsafe condition for disabled VVT, turn on the CEL or create a SD VE correction map in custom maps.Additional Inputs:

  • AFR Actual
  • AFR Target
  • AFR Wideband
  • Boost Target
  • Coolant pressure
  • Ethanol Content
  • Fuel Pressure
  • G Force Lateral
  • G Force Longitudinal
  • Gear Shift Sensor
  • Injector open Time DI
  • Injector open Time PI
  • Knock Correction
  • Launch RPM
  • Launch RPM Error
  • VVT Enable
  • VVT Exhaust Angle
  • VVT Intake
  • VVT Intake Error
  • Wheelslip
  • Wheelspeed Front
  • Wheelspeed Rear

Additional Outputs:

  • Boost Target
  • SD Volumetric Efficiency
  • Torque Actual

Input axis Interpolation options:

  • Interpolate between cells
  • Select nearest cell
  • Select lower cell
  • Select higher cell

Speed Density Updates

To help correct airflow calculations for the effects of atmospheric pressure we’ve added a simple compensation map to our speed density strategy. You can also blend between MAF and SD to avoid step changes on cars with challenging MAF scaling. We’ve also added more live data to help with speed-density tuning.

Enhanced Datalogging

Factory OBD logging methods have proven to be wasteful when using them for tuning as a typical logging session only utilizes one third of all the data that the ECU sends. To improve this we have replicated commonly used factory OBD parameters with specific RaceROM parameters. Furthermore we have optimized all our RaceROM logging parameters to minimize data size and waste.The combination of all our improvement has typically tripled logging speed,  increasing it from 13Hz to 40Hz using our default logging parameters. Logging speed also remains high when more RaceROM parameters are added.


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Tired of Stripped or Broken wheel studs?

ARP extended wheel studs

Are you tired of broken, or stripped wheel studs? That moment you realize you only have four and half holding your new wheel on. That gut wrenching feeling that more will be breaking at any time. Aftermarket wheel studs are one of the most over looked modifications. Over time your current wheel studs will be subjected to repeated torque cycles, laterally forces from cornering, thousands of heat cycles, and the possibility of improper torque. Most aftermarket studs will exceed the tensile strength of the factory 10 fold. Experts in the aftermarket fastener industry are ARP. They produce a 8740 chromoly steel, cadmium plated, tensile strength of 200,000 psi replacement, to ensure your safety during harsh laterally driving situations. Also ARP wheel studs have a “bullet” end to ensure you do not cross thread your lug nuts. Found here This is experienced in hard cornering, and launches. Also it is advised with wider wheel widths, to replace your factory wheel studs due to the increased stress they will cause. Keep in mind factory wheel studs are designed with the intention or using factory wheel sizes, tire sizes, and offsets. Like most performance modifications, supporting modifications are recommended to ensure safety. That way you can drive with confidence ripping through the canyons on those weekend cruises, or just whipping around some corners on your daily drive. For those more track focused, there is now a 1.5 thread option instead of the standard 1.25. So what does that mean.. well it means the threads are further apart and not as fine. Giving you more bite for when you torque down you lugs. Learn more 

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Shop Extended 1.25 ARP Studs (Normal FR-S/BRZ/86 Thread Pitch)

Shop 1.5 Thread Pitch (Not Standard , Will require new 1.5 Lugs)

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ARP extended wheel studs

ARP extended wheel stud