F1 Style rear light bar for FRS/BRZ video overview and wiring install

F1 Style rear light bar install PDF
You can also Download our pdf in this link above ^^


We offer a few different types of rear bar for FRS/BRZ. Installation might seem the same but in this video we will show you what goes where and what color wires to hook up on your new rear light bar.

Start off by emptying out all your belongings in your trunk.

Take our your floor mat and hard plastic.

This back plastic piece has three small clips you can pop off with a flat head screw driver.

Go to your driver side taillight. There is one clip pictured below that needs to get taken off.

Next pass thru the extension wiring  through this grommet.

Now go back to the wiring in the trunk. You will tap into the wiring with taps on the driver side tail light harness.

(This may vary by car but should be the same. Verify connection with test light.)

The RED wire will be the parking light.

The GREEN wire will be the brake light.



The YELLOW wire on the rear bar harness will go the the GREEN wire which is your brake light.

The RED wire on the rear bar harness will go to the RED wire which is your parking light.

The Black wire will go to your ground bolt shown below.

FullSizeRender 4

Check your connections and check to see if everything is working properly

The wiring on the rear bar side is meant to be soldered. Comes with heat shrink. but if you are not familiar with soldering. Wire taps can be used.

**Very Important** Check all electrical connections with a test light/muti-meter to verify correct wiring color in case it is different.

**Disclaimer** We can only recommend a professional install your product.

This is a reference guide to help you out as much as possible and make your installation go smooth.



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