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FRS Winjet Headlight with H7 DUal HIGH/LOW BULB 

THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN SMOKEAND CLEAR  These new FRS Winjet headlights are JDM Styled, and were specifically designed for the Scion FR-S/10 Series FR-S. They feature an awesome LED DRL strip that’s built in and is always enabled when the vehicle is powered on. Read the bullet points below to obtain some more information about these slick new headlights; we are taking pre-orders now. The expected release date for these headlights is currently December 11th -Dec 15th.

  1. These are plug and play, just like OEM.  We’ve meticulously tested the electrical system and manufactured these FRS Winjet Headlights to be extremely user friendly.
  2. The DRL will go on once the vehicle is on and the e-brake is released; it will stay on for the entire duration.
  3.  Because of the design of the projectors, thes FRS Winjet Headlights use H7 light bulbs which offers a better light output compared to all other aftermarket projectors which use H1.  These are specially fitted for an H7, no other bulbs can be used, but an HID upgrade is certainly doable.
  4. FRS Winjet Headlights are made in our own factory in China.  We’ve been in the lighting business for over 10 years and have accumulated plenty of experience.  All our products are covered by a limited warranty against manufacture defect for 6 months so you don’t have to worry about LEDs going out or water leaks.  (FYI – we have a lower manufacture defective rate than T*C, which is “OEM Standards”.)
  5. For the mechanical High/low beam:  The H7 is a single filament.  In order for a single projector light to have both high and low using the H7 bulb, we had to use a mechanical “flip” inside the light to control high/low beam.  This technology is already being used; unfortunately, I forgot which car maker used it.

Orders placed outside of the continental 48 US States will be subject to a higher shipping charge than what is displayed; you will be contacted if this charge applies before we ship out your order.


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We are taking preorders for the Winjet FRS headlight.  LINK TO GROUP BUY on FT86CLUB We spoke to WinJet and these are due in on Dec 11th per the sales manager.  Hopefully that will be true-  We will take a 100.00 Depost and honer the price we have listed here.   These will more than likely sell for 500.00 Normally  The way this works is you have to purchase the $100.00 Deposit. After we see your deposit we will ad the credit to your accout. – The credit will be sitting in your account waiting for the lights to come in to us.  When you go to complete your order, your 100.00 will automatically be deducted from the total price of the headlights. 

As we have reached the discounts you will be givin a coupon code to get the Discounted GB Price






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Photo’s from 636i from ft86cub

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Ultramarine -ApolloSki

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